Name of Specialisation

(single-specialisation and dual specialisation)

Type of programme


Length of Programme

3 years

Mode of study




Specialisation Description

Bachelor's study of archaeology is conceived as a general overview of archaeology of Central Europe with focus on Czech countries and the South Bohemian region. Emphasis is placed on the knowledge and classification of the basic archaeological sources (especially the material culture of the individual epochs and the basic locality), mastering the basic methodology of the field (especially within the courses Introduction to Archaeology, Field Archaeology, Environmental Archaeology, Laboratory practical classes, Archaeological practicums) and introduction to related sciences, especially Bioarchaeology, History and Art History.

Graduate profile

The aim of the Bachelor's degree in Archaeology is to prepare specialists in archaeological heritage conservation, who will draw on their knowledge in science and research (field technician, documentary worker), state administration and self-government (preparation of archaeological documentation for the needs of monument care) and museums (sorting, documentation and records of archaeological collections).Another aim of the programme is to prepare graduates for the post-graduate Master's study of archaeology. The graduate of the Bachelor's study of archaeology should master all field work - prospecting, excavation and documentation, sampling and sample floating, laboratory processing and basic sorting and evaluation of acquired field data. They should be familiar with Czech archaeological literature as well as the basic works of European archaeology. They should have a thorough knowledge of prehistory and the early Middle Ages of the Czech lands and a basic knowledge of the same period in European context, as well as master the methodology and knowledge of medieval, postmediaeval and environmental archaeology.

Possible combinations with   other dual specialisations


Guaranteeing Workplace

Institute of Archaeology FA USB


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