Auxiliary Sciences of History

 Name of Specialisation

Auxiliary Sciences of History

 Type of programme


 Length of Programme

4 years

 Mode of study

on site and combined



 Specialisation Description

The Doctoral programme aims to produce well specialised scientifically orientated graduates. It consists of three areas: at methodological level it focuses on deepening the knowledge of general theoretical and methodological fundamentals of the field obtained in previous study (with emphasis on the history of the late Middle Ages, early Modern Period and the Modern Period); in the language part it focuses on acquiring an adequate level of language skills and the critical-interpretation area focuses on mastering the relevant professional issues in detail. The Doctoral students will be able to publish partial conclusions of their research, and in the final phase of their studies will focus on the Dissertation Thesis, which will have the form of an original scientific monograph.

Graduate profile

Programme graduates must demonstrate full mastery of the theoretical and methodological basis, especially the relevant professional issues, and create an original and valuable scientific paper elaborating new knowledge and issues or a new original and innovative approach to issues already elaborated.

Graduates can find employment not only in archives, but also in scientific institutions and other professional workplaces, within various scientific projects, in publishing historical sources and publications, in management positions, etc.

 Guaranteeing Workplace

Institute of Archival Studies and Auxiliary Sciences of History FA USB


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 Admission Procedure

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