Romance Languages

 Name of Specialisation

Romance Languages

 Type of programme


 Length of Programme

4 years

 Mode of study

on site and combined



 Specialisation Description

The ​​Doctoral programme Romance Languages focuses on scientific research and independent creative work in the field. Studies in the Doctoral degree programme are based on an individual curriculum and led by a supervisor, in both on site or combined mode of study.

The specialisation is based on the scientific and research activities of staff of the Institute of Romance at FA USB, which covers both synchronic and diachronic aspects of Romance linguistics. In some of its narrower specializations, it also includes professional language, contrastive analysis of Romance languages ​​in relation to Czech and corpus linguistics.

Graduate profile

Graduates of the Doctoral programme Romance Languages ​​will be ready for independent scientific activity. They will be able to analyse language from synchronic and diachronic aspects, having acquired knowledge in the areas of syntax, semantics and pragmatics of Romance languages, textual linguistics and discourse analysis. They will understand the methodology of linguistic research, able to critically analyse and evaluate modern linguistic theories while proving the ability to develop or innovate these theories in a creative way. The Doctoral Dissertation, the defence of which culminates the programme, is thus perceived as a relevant monographic contribution to the current scientific issues of the field.

Graduates will find employment mainly in higher education institutions and linguistic research institutes. Due to their advanced ability to scientifically analyse language and discourse, they will be able to hold positions of language specialists in both the public and private sector (media, publishing, language expertise and counselling).    

 Guaranteeing Workplace

Institute of Romance Studies FA USB


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 Admission Procedure

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