Teacher Training for Upper Secondary Schools in Czech Language and Literature

 Name of Specialisation

Teacher Training for Upper Secondary Schools in Czech Language and Literature
(dual specialisation)

 Type of programme

Consecutive Master's

 Length of Programme

2 years

 Mode of study




 Specialisation Description

Teacher Training for Upper Secondary Schools in Czech Language and Literature is designed to provide a comprehensive qualification of an upper secondary school teacher. In the specialisation part, including didactics, the programme is implemented by the Institute of Czech Studies at the FA USB. Pedagogical-psychological courses are provided within inter-faculty cooperation with the Faculty of Education at the University of South Bohemia.

Graduate profile

Due to their didactic preparation, graduates are able to apply their acquired literary-historical and linguistic knowledge to upper secondary school practice. In literary history, they are well-versed in Czech and world literature and able to interpret literary text on the basis of methodologically supported concepts. In the field of literary theory, the graduates are able to work with the main contemporary theoretical concepts and understand their relation to the wider aesthetic and philosophical context. In linguistics, they have mastered the logical system of their mother tongue and apply acquired communication skills and stylistic competencies in both spoken and written forms of communication, including orthographic and orthoepic knowledge.

Graduates of the programme are fully qualified to practice as upper secondary school teachers. Their education also allows them to study further in   a Doctoral programme. The Institute of Czech Studies provides Doctoral programmes in Czech Language, and History of Newer Czech Literature.

 Possible combinations with   other dual specialisations

Any of the above-mentioned specialisations of Teacher Training for Upper Secondary Schools.

 Guaranteeing Workplace

Institute of Czech Studies FA USB


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 Admission Procedure

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