German Language and Literature

Name of Specialisation

 German Language and Literature
(dual specialisation)

Type of programme


Length of Programme

3 years

Mode of study




Specialisation Description

Dual specialisation Bachelor's programme German Language and Literature provides professional knowledge and theoretical knowledge in German philology, while emphasizing the interconnection of study with practice. Students will acquire key competences in linguistics, literary studies, history and life and institutions facts, including the ability to communicate in spoken and written German language, and will acquire media competencies enabling orientation in current events in German-speaking countries.

The programme emphasizes current trends in German language and culture, equipping students for future work at different levels of cooperation with foreign partners. The expected level of language knowledge acquired is C1 according to the European Reference Framework.

Graduate profile

Graduates will find employment in areas where German is the primary language of communication. In the economic sphere and in public administration, it is mainly in   lower and middle management positions. German is also an important means of communication in various international institutions and organizations, especially in the context of cross-border cooperation, where deeper knowledge of the German language and culture of German-speaking countries is required. Employment can also be found in tourism and media. Graduates in the programme German Language and Literature may continue in one of the consecutive Master's programmes focusing on either German philology or Teacher Training for Upper Secondary Schools in German Language.

Possible combinations with   other dual specialisations

English Language and Literature, Czech Studies, History, French Language and Literature, Italian Language and Literature, Spanish Language and Literature

Guaranteeing Workplace

Institute of Czech-German Area Studies and German Studies FA USB


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