Archival Studies

 Name of Specialisation

 Archival Studies

 Type of programme

Consecutive Master's

 Length of Programme

2 years

 Mode of study




 Specialisation Description

The course structure of the programme extends the knowledge gained in the Bachelor's study, both in the field of history of administration (especially city and magisterial administration which is very well represented in the archive materials), as well as auxiliary sciences of history (with accent on the Middle Ages - medieval paleography, general diplomacy, diplomacy or other special disciplines - genealogy, epigraphy). Emphasis is also placed on the extension of competences in the field of archival science (file service, current situation and problems of the field) and language knowledge (Latin of medieval texts, German historical sources). Moreover, the programme also enables the acquisition of experience in providing access to historical sources (editorial work) unconventional archive materials (Egodocuments) and old prints (bibliograhpy), which also brings deepening of historical knowledge and extends employment opportunities. The programme also includes a specialized component of optional subjects, allowing for further deepening of specialization.

Graduate profile

Graduates will acquire comprehensive knowledge of archival science (including file service), auxiliary sciences of history and history of administration, both for medieval and modern times. They will be able to work with written sources of all kinds (both official and private, written and printed, Czech, German and Latin), able to make them accessible and publish them including and all-round historical elaboration (including publishing).

Due to the versatile training in all the above-mentioned areas, the graduates will be able to find employment not only in archives of various types (state, specialized, private, etc. including registries), but also in foreign or state administration or self-government bodies, in libraries with historical collections, antiquarian book shops, museums, monument care, etc., or in scientific institutions. They can also hold positions in special fields (genealogy).

 Guaranteeing Workplace

Institute of Archival Studies and Auxiliary Sciences of History FA USB


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 Admission Procedure

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