English and American Literature

 Name of Specialisation

 English and American Literature
(dual specialisation)

 Type of programme

Consecutive Master's

 Length of Programme

2 years

 Mode of study




 Specialisation Description

The programme is conceived as an extension and deepening of the knowledge and skills acquired by students during the Bachelor's study of literature written in English. Main emphasis is placed on literature created on the British Isles from Reformation to the present and on literature written in the United States, however, literature created in the former British colonies is also taken into account. Students are required to take obligatory courses in history of English and American literature and literary studies. They also become familiar with the history of Anglo-Saxon critical thinking (philosophy, literary criticism, belles lettres from Romanticism to the present). Obligatory courses are complemented by a wide range of elective and optional courses. Elective courses focus on literary history with a focal point on a particular literary and historical area. They are implemented in the form of detailed reading and analysis of key works, taking into account their reception in the literary - theoretical framework (Structuralism, Post-structuralism, Anglo-Saxon New Criticism, New Historicism, Pragmatism). As translation is an integral part of English language study practice, the literary - theoretical and literary - historical component will be complemented by a translation. Students will be able to choose from several specialized translation seminars and develop their abilities acquired in the Bachelor's programme. The programme is completed by a State Final Examination in the areas of: English Literature, American Literature and Literary Theory. These are also the areas for the students’ Graduation Theses topics.

Graduate profile

Graduates should demonstrate communication (written + spoken) ability in English at level C2 SERR, as well as the ability of independent, logical and critical thinking and the ability to present their opinions and knowledge in a clear, convincing and accessible way. Graduates should have a thorough knowledge of English written literature, be able to critically think about these works and set their interpretations into the tradition of critical thinking as it has been evolving in the Anglo - Saxon world since the Late Renaissance. They should also have an insight into current literary science not only in the Anglo - Saxon world. At the same time, the graduates level of written English shall meet the Anglo-Saxon academic standards. Due to this knowledge and skills, graduates of the programme will be able to find employment either as a literary scientist and critics or in the publishing industry as translators and editors. The translation workshops in particular are run in a practical way when the students are in direct contact with publishers and can gain contacts with publishing houses specializing in translations of Anglo-Saxon provenance.  

 Possible combinations with   other dual specialisations

Czech Studies, Czech-German Area Studies, French Language and Literature, Italian Language and Literature, History, Spanish Language and Literature

 Guaranteeing Workplace

Institute of English Language and Literature FA USB


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