Institute of Archival Studies and Auxiliary Sciences of History

Institute of Archival Studies and Auxiliary Sciences of History was established on 1st April 2006. It is a scientific and pedagogical institute, which provides education first in a three-year Bachelor's degree programme in Archival Studies, whose graduates can continue in the consecutive two-year Master's degree programme after which the graduates can also complete an Advanced Master's proceedings. Since 2012 the Institute also offers a Doctoral degree programme in Auxiliary Sciences of History. The Institute of Archival Studies and Auxiliary Sciences of History at FA USB is one of the four institutions available in the Czech Republic offering the above mentioned consecutive Master’s and doctoral programmes. The Archival Studies programme, which can be studied in combination with other specialisations, is implemented in cooperation with the State Regional Archives in Třeboň.

The programme provides a profound insight not only in the broad issues of archival science itself, but also in the so-called auxiliary sciences of history, history of administration and history in general, thus creating versatile prerequisites for understanding the entire problematic and subsequently broad employment opportunities not only in archives, registries, state administration and self-government institutions, but also in other related institutions (museums, libraries mainly with historical funds, monument care institutions, antiquarian book shops, etc.). The Institute cooperates with various domestic and foreign institutions focused on archiving and history. Since 2012, the Institute has been a member of the International Centre for Archival Research (ICARUS). The scientific staff of the Institute focus mainly on the history of early modern period and on the modern period, especially on history of culture and religion, on auxiliary sciences of history, history of administration, ego-documents and editorial activities enabling access to the historical sources.