Institute of Romance Studies

The Institute of Romance Studies at the Faculty of Arts USB was founded 1st September 2007 by a transformation from the Department of Romance Studies which existed since 1991 at the Faculty of Education at the University of South Bohemia.

The Institute of Romance Studies (IRS) offers studies in Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in French, Italian and Spanish Philology and in the Doctoral programme of Romance Languages. It is also possible to study consecutive Master's programme in Teacher Training for Upper Secondary Schools in specializations of all the three above mentioned languages. Besides traditional philological disciplines, the IRS also offers applied disciplines focused on European and international trade. The opportunity to obtain  double degrees within Bachelor's and Master's programmes is also available.
The scientific activity of the Institute of Romance Studies covers both pivotal philological disciplines:

  • linguistics - here the IRS staff has devoted themselves to selected issues of Romance synchronic linguistics (lexical morphology, syntax, textual linguistics) and research of a professional language (especially the language of law)
  • Literature - IRS has been developing its research activities in the field of history of Romance literature and its reception in the Czech lands (historical book collections, reception of translations)








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