Incoming mobility

About the faculty

The Faculty of Philosophy offers a superior academic experience across all levels of university education. International applicants are welcome to choose from a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degree programmes. The principal study areas include:

  • The Philology of the Czech, English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian languages;
  • Historical Studies, focusing on General History, Archaeology, and Archiving;
  • Cultural Theory provides courses in Art History and Aesthetics;
  • Area Studies specialises in the study of German-speaking countries;
  • Teacher Training


For more detailed information please click here to download leaflet.

Degree Students

International students are encouraged to join either of two doctoral degree programmes in a foreign language:

  • PhD in Czech History - taught in German
  • PhD in the History of Modern Czech Literature - taught in English

Other PhD and Bc and Mgr study programmes are taught in Czech only.

Exchange or Erasmus Students

International students attending the University for a shorter study period may benefit from a wealth of lectures and seminars delivered in the English, German, French, Spanish and Italian languages.

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