Formalities associated with your stay in the Czech Republic

  1. A list of documents necessary for obtaining a long-term visa for study can be found → here.
  2. Information on applying for long-term residence in the Czech Republic can be found → here.


How to proceed when applying for a visa:

  1. Obtain your confirmation on acceptance to the course (see: How to apply, and how to obtain a certificate of admission to a course as required for a visa?).
  2. Obtain an accommodations agreement.
  3. Obtain a statement from the penal registry (criminal record) in your country of origin.
  4. Let your bank issue a confirmation that you have sufficient funds to stay in the Czech Republic.
  5. Have all the documents officially translated into Czech.
  6. Fill out the application for a long-term visa/permanent residence permit.
  7. To be safe, make copies of all the documents.