Support Centre for Students with Special Needs

Studying without barriers

  • The Support Centre for Students with Special Needs is a whole university centre providing services especially for students with disabilities or some form of impairment or with chronic disease. Its goal is to make learning accessible to students with specific needs and to provide them with support in order to enable them to apply their skills without compromising the study demands.
  • Services are provided free of charge to students of Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degree programmes in both on-site and combined modes of study. The provided services cover not only learning support but also support in related areas such as accommodation, transport, etc.
  • The Centre's support is also available to applicants for studies with specific needs for the entrance examinations. They can also consult the suitability of their considered specialisation with the Centre's staff even before submitting their application for studies.  
  • An important part of the Centre's activities is provision of support for academic staff involved in tuition of students with special needs. The aim is to provide them with professional, personal and organizational assistance so that they can approach the students with specific needs in an informed and respectful way without disproportionately increasing their workload and time demands.