Publikační činnost

Essay collection:

  • Adar, Einat (co-editor), Beckett and Technology. Eds. Galina Kiryushina, Einat Adar, and Mark Nixon. forthcoming from Edinburgh University Press in 2021


Journal article:

  • “From Irish Philosophy to Irish Theatre: The Blind (Wo)Man Made to See.” Estudios Irlandeses 12. 2017: 1-11.
  • “‘I forgot half the words’: Samuel Beckett’s Molloy as Minor Literature.” Partial Answers 14:1. 2016: 21-31.


Conference proceeding:

  • “Charting the Chaos: The Content of Form in Samuel Beckett’s Quad.” Chaos & Form: Echoes of Beckett in Literature & the Arts. Eds. Tomáš Koblížek and Petr Koťátko. Prague: Literaria Pragensia Books, 2016. 107-125.


Article in a collection:

  • Einat Adar and Ronen Sonis, "Beckett in 'A Distant Place': Early Translations in Hebrew", in Pascale Sardin and José Francisco Fernández, Beckett and the Languages of the World, Springer (forthcoming in 2021).
  • Adar, Einat. “The essential inherent interior essence: The Third Policeman and early modern ontologies,” in Ruben Borg and Paul Fagan (eds.) Gallows Humour, Cork University Press, 2020.
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